Since 1897, through three successive generations of lawyers, the name Scannell has become entrenched in the local law profession. This enables us to provide  local knowledge, insight and connections for new clients who are interested in doing business in – or relocating to - Hawke’s Bay.  
    The office situated in Hastings, which display the beautiful wood panel walls custom to the traditional legal culture.  In the reception area still stands the tardis where back in the early 1900's all phone calls took place at this time being the only phone in the office.  
    But today the latest technology now plays a big part in S J Scannell & Co  

II have utilised and relied on the expertise of the team at S J Scannell & Co for a number of years now.  They have supplied a range of services, support and advice to me personally and for my business interests.  The professional service provided has always been efficient, personable and very reliable. The relationship has also been an enjoyable one.  It is very important to me that I have a feeling of the utmost trust when I work with either an individual or a team, and this is certainly the feeling I get when working with S J Scannell & Co…..


Greg Murphy




We last resided permanently in New Zealand in 1973 and since the inception of the firm of S J Scannell & Co we have entrusted the management of our affairs in Hawke’s Bay to them.  We can with all honesty confirm that in all these years we have enjoyed efficient and especially friendly service from Simon Scannell and members of his staff.  Indeed we cannot recall any missteps along the way which is quite remarkable when dealing with the legal profession and seriously we wish that there was an S J Scannell & Co to take care of our affairs here in New York…..


David & Alexina Dean


(New York)


I have been Simon’s client for many years, and I have never met anything but kindness, a welcome and smiles.  Now I am a centenarian and probably stupid, intolerant and difficult it is still a pleasure to come into the office, because everyone is so friendly.  I am never for one second made to feel a nuisance!  At my age one is sensitive to this sort of thing…..


Elizabeth Glenny


(Te Awanga)


S J Scannell & Co have been a customer of ANZ for the past twenty years.  Throughout this time they have consistently acted with utmost professionalism and integrity.  When dealing with the firm the staff are found to be knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and they always have a good sense of humour. S J Scannell & Co have built a very effective workplace culture, which extends to the way they conduct themselves with the wider business community. 


Dean Remihana




Simon and his associates have been my legal representatives since I moved to New Zealand about 15 years ago.  Simon was called on to assist in a wide variety of issues, which included foreign land ownership applications, several conveyancing matters, company set ups, labour disputes and many other minor cases.  Above all, I was struck by Simon’s ability to simplify and defuse what to me appeared to be difficult and serious issues or disputes.  Often this would resolve the problem but, if that failed, he was prepared to follow through on whatever negotiation and discussion that was needed to prevent the issue going to litigation.  In this way, he was one of the new breed of solicitors, who made every effort through detailed preparation, good negotiating skills and sound advice, to prevent disputes or legal issues ending up in court.  From a relatively small operation, I have watched with interest S J Scannell & Co grow into a very successful and well-known practice…..


Richard Masterton-Smith



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